Turner is a dandy
you can ask me anything you want
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i can’t believe he’s gone
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i can’t believe he’s gone

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"I remember [Matt] personalizing me a cap when we were about 16. With a pen."
Nick O’Malley on Matt’s history in fashion design (via telescopic-hallelujahhh)
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Submarine (2010) dir. Richard Ayoade

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when people start getting close to your friends


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Okay, so because I’ve accumulated double copies of things over time I think its only fair that I say thank you to my followers and do a give away!

Like I said, its a general thank you for everyone who follows me, so for that reason I think its only fair that it is for people that follow me, Likes and reblogs count (because I know not everyone likes the style of these type of post on their blog.) I’ll send it anywhere, and I’ll pick someone through a generator, I’ll message you on the 19th/20th August so please check inboxes, if there isn’t a reply I’ll select someone else.

This will end on the 19th August! :) Good luck and thank you!

This consists of :

  • Jake Bugg (debut album in CD format)
  • Vampire Weekend//Modern Vampires of the City (in CD format)
  • The Black Keys//Turn Blue (In CD format + Poster)
  • A download code for Drowners’ debut album.
  • A mystery album and mixtape based on your blog.


  • Bob Dylan Chronicles Volume One
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas//Hunter S. Thompson


  • Oasis//Definitely Maybe  (Post Card)
  • The Who//The Kids Are Alright (Postcard)
  • The Who (Mixed Badges)
  • Mixed Badges (random selection)


  • A drawing or painting of a music artist of your choice
  • Lyric art of an album of your choice.
  • A little note from me
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